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My birthday (26 years old now, and officially closer to 30 than 20) was sandwiched between two In-service days this weekend, during which we set out to develop our National 4 and National 5 ideas. The full plan had been to head to the mainland today, but due to weather conditions ferry travel was abandoned and we remained on the island.

So, what did we achieve over the two days?

On Friday, we developed our plan for transitioning the current S3 from BGE to National 4 and National 5 courses, and it now looks something like this:

  • Pupils who are expected to complete a National 5 in S4 (and then progress onto a Higher in S5) will complete their National 4 course – including the Added Value unit – by the end of May 2013. These pupils are already well on the way to completing Level 3 Literacy & English and will commence work on the National 4 programme in January. This accelerated National 4 course aims to allow them to work through all of the requirements of the Analysis & Evaluation (A&E) and Creation & Production (C & P) units whilst simultaneously preparing them for the challenge of progression to National 5.
  • For those pupils who will not be able to undertake a National 5 in S4, a whole-year National 4 programme will be provided. This will be delivered in a different way from the ‘accelerated’ course in that it is designed to make use of the entirety of S4 in order to not only attain a National 4 qualification, but also prepare as many pupils as possible for entry to National 5 in their S5 year. Pupils in this category would be expected to complete their National 4 Added Value Unit in May, at the same time as the pupils in the ‘accelerated’ course from the year below them.

One notable feature of the two different approaches to the AV is that we plan to give pupils 3 options:

  1. A research and report Added Value completed within the English department only
  2. A research and report Added Value completed in conjunction with the social subjects department
  3. A literature Added Value run in the same way as a Specialist Study

Full model courses have been produced for the National 4 (and the National 5) including specimen tasks and texts, and we will be happy to share these with anyone who feels that they may be of an help to them.


Today only 1 of our 3 staff members made it to the mainland In-service meeting (having already been on the mainland over the weekend) leaving the other 2 (myself and my PT) to work on the Department Improvement Plan. This has now been completed and will be submitted for approval this week. A key focus on the plan – and the one I am most excited about – is a trial Edmodo with my top S3 class, with a view to a full roll-out if the system proves to be a success. I am very much looking forward to what I believe to be a very valuable resource. We also plan to pilot the use of webcams in order to record Listening & Talking activity in a more natural, organic way.


We would be very interested in your reactions to our plans, especially those relating to the National 4 -> National 5 progression.