Helpful Links

National 5 English

I have decided to make all of my resources available for free online, starting with those that I have produced for National 5 English. Click here to access this material.

Useful websites:

National Moderation – An open, collaborative resource that I have developed to allow teachers in Scotland to moderate and share assessment materials for National 4 & 5 qualifications.

BBC Bitesize – As ever, the BBC has produced an excellent resource to help pupils develop their skills (and confidence) in preparation for their final exams.

Edmodo – While essentially a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Edmodo is, in reality, so much more. Built around an interface that pupils understand and respond to (it is, to all intends and purposes, a Facebook doppelgänger) this service allows teachers to really engage pupils in their own learning, and do it on their terms. Teachers can form groups and sub-groups, set assignments, collect homework and share notes/resources online. Worried about the percentage of your department budget being spent on photocopying? Looking for a way to encourage pupils to work collaboratively and independently at the same time? Interested in making your approach to coursework more efficient? Try Edmodo!

Spicynodes – This excellent site (with an awful name) is one that I stumbled across as a result of a recommendation on Edmodo. It is, in essence, a bridge between presentation and mind-mapping tools and is ridiculously easy to use. The final product works well on screens and on smartboards and allows the developed of progressive and connected learning of a topic.

Thinglink – This service allows you to embed a huge range of content into images, adding a significant amount of information and allowing pupils to develop their understanding of the topic being explored. Like all good sites it is very easy to use and pupils seem to respond very well to it. Images can also be embedded in a range of different sites making this an extremely useful tool.

Prezi – An increasingly popular alternative to Powerpoint which viewers generally find more engaging. It’s a little tricky to get used to initially (purely because the interface is different from what so many of us got used to over the years) but if you start out using the templates you can develop your skills very quickly. The fact that Prezi is web-based allows pupils to continue work at home, and Prezis can also be embedded in a range of places (such as Edmodo, which is very useful).

LanguageSoftware – This site allows you to compare different computer-assisted language learning packages, with reviews and information to help you decide which one will work best for you.

  1. William says:

    Would it be possible to put up suggested answers for the national 5 English close reading paper today, not a pupil at this school but eager to find out what I’ve went wrong with

    • Mr. McEnaney says:

      I’ll be having a look at the paper over the next few days and might be able to produce something like this – for now, though, don’t worry about how English went and just focus on your next exam 🙂

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